5 Best Laptop for Machine Learning in 2021

5 Best Laptop for Machine Learning in 2021
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If you’re searching for a new laptop that has machine learning (ML) included in its processes rather than a desktop, chances are you’re looking for something portable. Many of us need active or public spaces available for us to work and learn at peak productivity. With a desktop, that isn’t possible. Finding the best laptop for machine learning that is also portable will be quite the task as ML will require much from your laptop.

Best Machine Learning Laptops at a Glance

  1. MSI GS65– Our Choice Top Pick
  2. HP Omen 15– Best for Deep Learning
  3. ASUS ROG Zephyrus
  4. Gigabyte AERO 15
  5. Dell G7

Hosting machine learning capabilities can be a tough task for a laptop, so the above specifications are minimal. Higher storage elements are recommended for running ML. We have compiled a list of our five favorite machine learning laptops for 2021. Each product we’ve listed is available right now and hosts the requirements necessary to be a great ML laptop. If you’re looking for something sleek and portable, look no further.

We have also included a short buyer’s guide to help select the best laptops for you much easier. Learn about ML and the benefits it provides laptop users, and the features that make the best machine learning laptop.

Top 5 Best Machine Learning Laptops in 2021 Reviewed

Each of the laptops on this list has been analyzed and recommended by ML experts. They include the capabilities to run machine learning processes and some of the best machine learning programs available. While some of them might be quite beefy or expensive, the ability of each device makes them well worth the price and size.

We’ve tried to make a list as diverse as possible, including different sizes, specs, prices, and manufacturers so that you have a wide variety to choose from. Keep in mind that our number one choice might not be yours, and the features of our fifth place laptop might be just what you need in a machine learning device.

1. MSI GS65 – Writer’s Top Pick

If you’re looking for a durable and portable laptop, then the MSI GS65 is the best laptop for machine learning. This laptop is powerful, thin, and comes with good battery life. The frame is made out of steel, so your device will be protected while lighter than other metals. In terms of specs, this laptop meets all the requirements for ML capabilities. 36 GB of RAM with 512GB SSD, eighth-generation Intel core processing power, RTX 2070, and GTX 1070. The 15 6 inches display makes it accessible as well—operating system: Windows 10.

Golden accents on the outer shell make it a sleek computer that stands out among the rest. The MSI GS65 was specifically built for ML and offered many fantastic features to make your experience well worth any price tag. With an ultra-thin display around the screen, you make the most out of the space available. Many other laptops include clunky outer borders that limit space and decrease the overall screen available.

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2. HP Omen 15

The HP Omen is the best laptop for deep learning on our list. If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle your AAA games and offer system information regarding the processes that occur during playtime with ease, then the HP Omen 15 should top your list. HP, typically regarded for their work laptops, has created a nearly unrivaled gaming series in The Omen. Their 15 6 inches screen device is one of the best for machine learning capabilities as it hosts the necessary specs and offers some of the best graphic options available.

The slick black design with red highlights provides a haunting yet beautiful look to this powerful laptop. It is rather bulky, and it cannot be easy to carry around with you for any ML work you need to do on the go, but it is a laptop and thus is portable. With an Intel core processor and 32 GB of RAM, this device is ready to work and can easily handle any machine learning that you need it to; make sure there’s an outlet available as it can tear through the battery life.

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3. ASUS ROG Zephyrus

Last but certainly not least, on our list is the ASUS ROG Zephyrus. This company had many different laptops that we felt qualified for our list, but we chose our favorite bunch, so we didn’t focus on one company the whole time. ASUS creates some of the best machine learning laptops for users, which is easily the best of their products. With its specs, it is suitable for deep learning. The 7th gen Intel core and NVIDIA GTX 1070 pack a punch and can support much usage at one time.

The unique raised design of this laptop allows for optimal cooling without running too loud, and the orange highlights keep it fun and interesting. It’s an ultra-thin laptop that can handle some of the largest games as well as ML. The laptop offers a 2-hour battery life when it is set to standard mode. If you’re looking for a portable laptop to handle your gaming and learning necessities, then this is a fantastic device for you. Quiet and cool, this laptop is built for ML and performance, and with its graphics card, it is perfect for deep learning techniques.

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4. Gigabyte Aero 15

Graphics seem to be the name of the game for the Gigabyte Aero 15 as they bring the full force of their NVIDIA RTX 2070 for users. The bright screen brings life to the device and offers a welcomed bit of shine for students and employees utilizing machine learning programs. It has long 8-hour battery life. The outer shell is made from aluminum, which adds a layer of protection for your laptop. You won’t have to worry about damaging the device while carrying it around. You will, however, have to deal with the heavy feel.

Gigabyte knocks the ML aspect out of the park by making the perfect laptop for gamers and learners alike. This device will take in tons of information and process it for optimized and effective use. We loved the feel of this device, though storage and memory seemed to be lacking when compared to other products on this list. At the very least, you know your device will be able to handle ML with this high-end gaming laptop.

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5. Dell G7

Dell has always been focused on providing powerful, high-performing laptops in a sleek and aesthetically pleasing package. The Dell G7 is no different from their usual collection but boasts some powerful inner workings. This 15.6-inch display comes equipped with Dell’s unique yet appealing blue shine outlines. It uses a 9th generation Intel core processor and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 for graphics. This device can handle quite the punch when in use.

The layout of the keyboard is something unique that we wanted to touch on. It’s smooth and comfortable for hands of all sizes so that you won’t grow tired while using it. With the underlying processes necessary to host major games and full-on machine learning capabilities, this laptop might be one of the most powerful on our list. Dell certainly threw their hat into the ring with this fantastic laptop.

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What is Machine Learning

ML is a process that is growing in both popularity and demand as a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the ability for your device – laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc. – to gather large amounts of information and make predictions based on what it’s learned. Essentially, your device can read and learn from what’s going on around it. It can make predictions, enable security processes, and offer useful information to users.

The best part about ML is that it’s completely user-free. You won’t have to interact or interfere with the processes for ML to take place, and you’ll experience better results without your intervention. The machine can learn and gather on its own, and all you have to do is find a device that can handle that process. Machine learning optimizes the experience of your device and makes all information available to you directly.

What to Look for in a Laptop for Machine Learning

As far as specifications go, it’s important to meet the minimum requirements we mentioned earlier. However, if you are looking for a laptop for ML and you have the budget, it’s useful to boost each spec to the recommended settings for ML. They are as follows:

  • CPU – 10th Gen Intel with 8 Cores
  • GPU – RTX 2080
  • RAM – 64GB
  • SSD – 2 TB

Keep in mind that any laptop with these specs will be a massive punch to your wallet. Each of the laptops we listed was affordable and hosted the necessary specs to run machine learning frameworks effectively.

Portability and durability are two massive inclusions you should look for in the laptop design. If portability isn’t important to you, then it would be smarter to build your desktop – cheaper too. Each laptop we listed is easily carried with you wherever you go and can withstand external pressure making it quite durable.

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