Can a Child Make an App?

Can a Child Make an App?

Venturing to say, right out of the gate, that with today’s technology and learning applications, a child can create an app. STEM education (short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has taken the educational world by storm, and there is no going back.

Now, chances are the application that you use to help your child includes the very basics of coding on an electronic device. These applications are likely going to be just the beginning stages in learning how to do this. However, learning how to build apps will set a child up for an early understanding of how coding and programming function and will help them be more successful as they go through school.

Building Apps for Children

There are some great products out on the market that will help kids learn how to make their very own mobile apps that they can use. But here is the catch, these programs are to make a “kids app,” not specifically geared for children. However, these kids’ app makers typically include step-by-step processes so that adults and children quickly learn the very basics of app development.

1 . Kids App Maker

This children’s app maker is a great starting point for developing a mobile app for kids. The Kids App Maker features the ability to make educational, entertainment, learning, and game apps for kids. There is zero previous knowledge of coding required for this program, and there are quick step-by-step processes.

2 . Appypie Apps for Kids

When you are trying to teach your child to learn how to create something that you might not know anything about, you are trying to feed that excitement and imagination; apps like this are amazing. Children will love sitting down and working with you on this Appypie App Builder for Kids. Children will be able to pick out the pictures, layout, videos, and so on. In the end, this application can be live and available through the App Store. How amazing is that?! Best of all, no previous coding experience is required to build any kids’ apps through this program.

3 . GameSalad Kids App Creator

The name alone of this app creator will certainly gather some attention! This particular kids app creator (like the others) focuses on a coding-free experience building new and fun applications for children. There are teacher packages on GameSalad that can be purchased so that kids can begin to learn the processes of building an amazing and fun application.

Final Thoughts

Overall, children learning at a young age the very basics of developing an application is invaluable. The need for technology-minded young people will never go away or reduce but will continue to grow as our technologies become more complex. This is why this type of new software that helps children learn how to do these things is invaluable.

Further, there is a joy within kids that will go through them when they can play with and share something they created from scratch! Seeing something they created on their computer screen or phone will bring a smile to their face and encourage further curiosity and imagination.

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